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Cold Brew Coffee Kit Review

You guys know I am always looking for awesome coffee finds. So…..

Cold Brew Box

I picked up this Victor Allen’s Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Kit on clearance at Kroger for $2.79. Not a bad deal since it makes 18 servings of coffee. One can’t beat that at any coffee shop.

The kit came with three filter bags and one reusable fridge pouch. All I needed was to add water and use a fridge.  Seems simple enough. I have no extravagant expectations about this coffee at all considering I have not had a great experience with at-home cold brew kits.

Cold Brew Contents

Cold Brew Box 2

The instructions were very easy to follow and there was no mess. I just put the coffee bag into the fridge pouch, added 42 oz of water, and placed the pouch in the fridge. 24 hours later and cold brew coffee. I don’t know if I can wait.

The problem with most home cold brew kits is the taste. Most of the ones I have tried have really been nasty and just gross. I have tried a few different kits as well as the ready made bottled ones. I just can’t stand the taste of them. The only cold brew coffee I have ever really liked came fresh from Cascade Beverage Company.

Coffee Bag Full  Into the fridge it goes.

Okay…I admit.  I didn’t wait the full 24 hours more like 18 or so.

About to try it

This kit was very surprising. It has a rich, bold and smoky flavor which I loved. I can’t wait to mix this in with some cream and try it that way as well. I was pleasantly surprised that the coffee didn’t have a dirt taste.


I sampled it with a bit of pure liquid stevia, and WOW! I will be waiting the rest of the time to see if the flavor develops more as it sits.

I am so glad I purchased this.

DIY jewelry

DIY: Double Chain Drop Stud Earrings

I have been seeing all of these gorgeous chain drop earrings EVERYWHERE!  So I just had to do a DIY for you.

Black Drops 4

I recent saw one designer/blogger has made her a pair that only dropped from the back off the butterfly clutch of her beautiful diamond stud earrings.  These earrings have two dangles – one in front and the other off the back clutch of the stud giving you twice the sparkle and twice the swing. These also are super quick to make….so grab some coffee and your supplies and meet me back here.



2 – 8mm beads of choice
2 – 6mm beads of choice
4 headpins
2 – 4mm jump rings (not pictured)
1 pair stud earrings with backs
Thin chain

Wire Cutters
Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Make four bead dangles by threading beads onto the head pins and forming a loop at the end.

Cut four pieces of chain in the following lengths: 1 inch (2.54 cm) and 3 inches (7.62 cm).

Attach the short chain to the loop of the stud. If the opening is too large for your chain, just use an additional 4mm jump ring per earring. Attach the longer chain to the butterfly clutch using a 4mm jump ring.

Chains on Studs

Attach a large bead dangle to the end of the small chain and a smaller bead to the end of the longer chain. Repeat for second earring.

Black Drops 3

The beads I used were Jewelry Basics by Cousin Corporation of America #34716100 and should be available at either Jo-Ann’s or A.C. Moore.  I have seen similar beads by Halcraft available at Michael’s.

Coffee Life

Keto Coffee Review

I was able to try something new this week in the midst of having a child getting a tonsillectomy (how fun). I came across a Facebook post from a lady I follow, Grassfed Mama. She was giving away samples if we would cover shipping and handling.  No biggie, I could totally do that.

Well, this stuff is supposed to be really good for you and great for those wanting to lose weight.

Here is some info on the Keto Coffee from the It Works site:

The very first of it’s kind, It Works Keto Coffee gives you an instant coffee that will aide your efforts to get into ketosis, fast!

Fuel your body and brain with It Works! Keto Coffee powered by KetoWorks™! With Grass-Fed Butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), this instant keto coffee helps to increase your body’s ketone production to rapidly breakdown fat, boost your energy, and sharpen your focus!†

  • Builds and restores vital proteins through essential amino acids and collagen peptides†
  • Contains fatty acids from Grass-Fed Butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)†
  • Boosts and sustains your energy output to burn more fat†
  • Sharpens mental focus and enhances mood†
  • Kills cravings and satisfies hunger†
  • Fuels your body and brain through increased ketone production†
  • Supports the results of your low-carb, ketogenic diet†
  • Gives you instant energy and focus on-the-go with easy, single-serving packets†

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 7.55.33 AM

It Works! Keto Coffee’s unique fatty acids from Grass- Fed Butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) help to increase your body’s ketone production and the process of ketosis, including helping to boost and sustain your energy output, sharpen mental focus, and enhance your mood.† By following a ketogenic diet that is low in carbohydrates, high in fat, and with moderate protein intake while using It Works! Keto Coffee, you will experience the full fat-burning effects of ketosis in your body.†


You can read all their FAQ here.

Okay…..what I love about it:

  • It’s an instant coffee which makes it extremely easy and convenient, especially when traveling.
  • Single serve packaging also making it easy to travel with.
  • Filled with awesome stuff!  (See the label above.)
  • It’s non GMO and Soy-Free.
  • It’s made in the US.
  • IT HAS BUTTER IN IT!  Yes, Butter!  Butter is actually good for you, look it up.

Downside…every thing has a down side:

  • Taste.  Taste is really huge to me! It has a rather strange taste.  I ended up adding in Stevia to give it a sweeter taste, but it really didn’t help.
  • Price.  This coffee will cost you $39 for a package of 15 pouches. That’s only 15 cups.  Now if you are already spending that much on single serve coffee from a coffee house, then the price is not all that bad.
  • It’s thick.  Now, I don’t mind a thick coffee drink, but this was the consistency of sludge.

To sum up, I was slightly disappointed in this product mainly because of the taste and secondly by the price. I have found much better tasting Keto coffee recipes on Pinterest that you may want to try.  Once you have all the ingredients to make your own, the price per cup is very small compared to this.  Will it have their “proprietary thermogentic blend” of stuff? No. Does that matter? NO.

You may like this stuff, but I didn’t.  Please do not allow my opinion to keep you from trying it.  It just wasn’t my cup of coffee.  The one good thing was I only had the Keto Coffee this morning and not an entire pot as usual. So that could possibly be a plus. Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

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A Hidden Gem & A New Coffee Fix

Main Coffee Shot

Okay….You guys know I am on the look out constantly for new coffee to feed my addition.  Turns out I didn’t have to go very far this time.  I found a local coffee distributor within just like four miles or so from me. Apparently this place has been in business since 2010 and I had NEVER heard of it before.  A couple of weekends ago, I saw a post from a fellow coffee addict about an open house at a place in my town called BeanFruit Coffee Company.  Huh?  Never heard of that place. I planned to check it out when I got back into town.   This little hidden gem is nestled in amongst warehouses and car repair businesses in the older part of Pearl, MS just off Hwy 80 East.

I liked their Facebook page so I could keep up with their events so I could be in the loop for next time.

I saw a Facebook post from BeanFruit about an upcoming demonstration.  I marked my calendar as I saw an excuse to go have coffee at a new place.  To my dismay, they are not a coffee shop.  WHAAA!??!?!?  They are a local coffee distributor.

In this little hidden away small space in a warehouse district is an amazing operation run by just a few guys who love all things coffee. Sounds like my tribe! They import from all over the world, roast, grind, and distribute their brand of coffee to local shops and cafés.  How cool is that?!

The motto from their website is:

“Striving for coffee perfection.

Since 2010, we’ve meticulously selected and roasted high quality coffees from across the globe. We believe that a great cup of coffee is not an accident, it’s a process – one that we spend countless hours perfecting.”

Their website also states, “BeanFruit Coffee Company is an award-winning coffee roasting company located in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area.”  Wow….award-winning, and yet I never knew they were even there.  Make sure you check out their story on their site for more details.  You will find a “glossary” of sorts for coffee terminology as well as their mission statement.  Oh, and you can ORDER their coffee too, right off the site. I HIGHLY recommend the Old Route 4 Dark Roast.

I recommend that particular one mainly because that is the one I bought. Why did I settle on that one? It’s a dark roast (my fav) and it had notes of dark chocolate (my favorite chocolate). What better combo than dark chocolate and coffee?! I have found this to be a very smooth tasting coffee for a dark roast as well.  It also makes some really great THM frappas. I really hope they make coffee sample baskets so I can purchase a few and do a giveaway here on the blog for them.

Oh…..the demonstration! The demonstration I attended was about brewing a better cup of coffee at home using the Clever Coffee Dripper method.  I have to say, it was a very informative demonstration.  Paul, the owner of BeanFruit Coffee Company, went into great detail about how temperature, time, and grind effect the outcome of coffee brewing. The demo was extremely informative. He walked us through getting the perfect grind first before moving on to brewing your coffee. I so want one! And the coffee grinder Paul was using too. Some of what he was talking about went over my head, but I’m hoping I retained it.  I was highly caffeinated at the time, so I’m sure it’s up there somewhere.

On hand for the demo was a gentleman from Cascade Beverage Company with some of their amazing cold brew coffees and teas. (There is a demo coming to BeanFruit soon.) The Nutella Latté was out of this world as was the Apple-Pear Cardamon Tea.


I will have to go back and get more coffee soon because I can’t stop drinking BeanFruit coffee!  Gotta have my fix.

When the next event comes around and you are close by, you should totally stop in. Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

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Pleasant Surprises

This is a repost from a previous post. I am moving it to a different page grouping and had to repost it to move it.  Argh…so frustrating as I get used to using this program.

IMG_20170729_125829As you get to know me, you will find out that I am all about Fair Trade coffee companies.  My favorite being Westrock.  However, a lot of Fair Trade coffees are rather pricey unless you can find some on clearance at your local grocery store.  I ran out the other day and had to limp along by grabbing some at Big Lots. Now….I don’t usually use those K-Cup things because they are so bad for the environment, but I was desperate! It was very cheap for 14 single brew cups.  I was completely taken aback with how good this one was. It isn’t bitter or odd tasting like a lot of low cost coffee pods.  It’s a company I had never heard of before, Java Homestead. It is manufactured by Trilliant Food and Nutrition, LLC. out of Wisconsin.  I purchased the French Roast variety with the label stating: “100% Arabica Coffee Dark Roast”.  I really enjoy the flavor of this variety.  It also lends itself well to blended coffee drinks such as Trim Healthy Mama Trimmaccino.

I cannot find out a lot about this company to know their harvesting practices. But if you need some good coffee in a pinch and don’t mind the plastic mess in a landfill, then this is a great pick.

Stay caffeinated, my peeps!