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DIY: Gemstone Statement Necklace

Gemstone jewelry is always beautiful. Creating with gemstones can produce unique jewelry pieces in striking combinations or elegant monochromatic pieces.

The Bohemian style of jewelry incorporates a wide variety of materials in a single piece. This necklace tutorial I have created for you uses cotton cording, beautiful Amazonite, Agate tubes, and painted metal feather charms on a chain. It will require a more intermediate skill set.  If you are willing to try this one, then grab everything you will need (including coffee) and let’s get to it.

Supplies Necklace Redo

54 pcs – 10 mm Amazonite Beads
27 pcs – 6mm Amazonite Beads
2 pcs – Painted Style Dyed Agate Tubes
1 pc – Chain with Painted Feather Charms*
2 pcs – Crimp Tubes
4 pcs – Bead Cones
2 pcs – 6mm Jump Rings
2 pcs – 4mm Jump Rings
20 gauge Craft or Jewelry Wire
Jewelry Stringing Wire (roughly 12 inches)
Cotton Cording in a gray or neutral color

*Jo-Ann has a similar feather charm chain that is not painted that would work if you cannot find this specific feather chain.

Scissors or Thread Burner
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Crimping Pliers
Wire Cutters
Optional: Knot Tool

Measure and cut two sections of cording roughly 3 feet each and set aside.

Stone Connectors

Cut two equal lengths of craft/jewelry wire (around 6 inches). Form a wrapped loop at one end. Slide a bead cone on with the broad end opposite of the loop. Slide on a gemstone tube bead then another cone with the broad end on the end of the tube. Form another wrapped loop. Trim excess wire. Repeat for second gemstone tube.


Attach a 4mm jump ring to the bottom loop of each of the gemstone tube connectors.

Crimp Piece


Choice one of the gemstone tube connectors to begin working with. Using a crimp tube attach the jewelry stringing wire to the jump ring added in the previous step. Trim the tail.



Thread on the 6mm gemstones. Using a crimp tube attach the end of the stringing wire to the 4mm jump ring of the second gemstone tube connector.  Using a 6mm jump ring, attach one end of the chain with the feather charms to one of the gemstone tube connectors. Attach the other end of the chain in the same manner to the second gemstone tube connector.

Connected to Feathers 2

Take a section of cording and fold in half. Attach to the top loop of one of the gemstone tube connectors using a “cow hitch” knot. Make a simple knot snugly next to the cow hitch knot.


Knotted Stones


String on a 10mm and tie a knot as tight as possible against the stone. Continue knotting the stones until you have knotted a total of 27 stones on the cord. Repeat for the second gemstone tube connector.


Knotted Stones 2


Gather the ends of the cording and tie an “Ashley’s Bend” knot. Glue the knot. Trim excess cording.




Wear your necklace with pride.  Until next time…stay caffeinated, my peeps!

Stones and Feathers 1

DIY jewelry

DIY: Dangly Pearl Earrings

I love long, dangly earrings, and they are on trend like almost always. They are elegant and create the look of a longer, sleeker neck. Longer thin earrings can also an elegant look to any outfit.

Earrings Finished 1

I also love unique findings and beads.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.06.04 PM

Last week, I told you about coming across some awesome beads on the Halcraft website.  I purchased two beautiful mother of pearl beads that have little, tiny pave frames. So cute!

About a month ago, I came across some unique ear threader style ear wires on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

So lets grab our tools, supplies and coffee so we can get started.

1 pr – Ear Threader findings
2 pc – Mother Of Pearl Shell Bead with Micropave Frame
2 pc – Head pins

Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

Slide a bead on a head pin and form a loop using round nose pliers. Repeat for second bead.

Close up of stone dangles

Attach the bead dangles to the bottom loop of the ear threader.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! (I strongly suggest opening the loop at the top of the bead and not the loop of the threader just to make sure it doesn’t break.)

Finished Earrings Close up of stone

Enjoy your new earrings. Until next time….stay caffeinated, my peeps.

Finished Earrings 2

DIY jewelry

DIY: Simple Beaded Charm Bangle

Finished Bracelet 1Summer is just around the corner and this little beauty would be perfect for hanging at the beach.

It’s a very simple project to make and super easy as well.

Seed Beads

I have had these little sea life charms for some time as well as some amazingly gorgeous Czech seed beads in some beautiful sea glass tones. Any brand will work so will any color.  You may want a more sunny look to your bracelet.  Go for it!  Add some mini tassels if you want. This is your bracelet.  Own it!



I just love the little sea horse. I don’t even remember where I got him or even when, but this project suited him rather nicely.

Let’s get our supplies and coffee so we can get started.




Supplies - Bracelet

Memory Wire Bracelet Wire
Sea Life Charms
Two or more 6mm Jump Rings
A crystal drop
Seed Beads in your choice of colors
One Head Pin

Memory Wire Cutters (A MUST)
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers (Optional, but works best)
Chain Nose Pliers (I recommend two pair)

Make a bead dangle by threading the crystal drop on the headpin and forming a loop.

Cut one round of memory wire. Allow the ends to overlap if you have larger hands as this will slip over your hand. Form a loop at one end of the memory wire. (I added the seahorse charm at this point since the loop at the top of the charm was a bit odd.)

Thread the seed beads onto the memory wire all the way until you are about a 1/4 inch from the end.

Finished Bracelet 5

Form a loop at the end of the memory wire and hook it to the original loop. Attach charms and bead dangle.

Finished Bracelet 4

Enjoy your super cute bangle.  Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

Finished Bracelet 3

DIY jewelry

Embellished Wire Spiral Hoop Earrings

Last week I showed you how to make some real simple wire hoop earrings.  Today, I will show you how to wire wrap little crystals to the spiral hoop to add some bling to your ring.

Finished Earrings 2

Hoops from previous tutorial
28 3mm crystals
24 gauge half-hard wire


If you are wondering why I used 24 gauge half-hard wire here, I like the tightness it gives to the wraps.  You may find it easier to work with dead soft wire instead.

Wire Cutters
Flat Nose or Crimping Pliers

Cut a length of 24 gauge wire that you are comfortable working with.  I use a rather long piece so I can make work earrings without having to cut more wire.

Make a tiny bend in your 24 gauge wire giving yourself about a 6 inch tail. This will be your wrapping wire. Slide the bend along the top of the spiral hoop until you aBeginning wrapsre about 2 inches from the end of the spiral. Using the tail, wrap the smaller gauge wire five to six times around. Leave the end for now.  We will trim it later. If your wire is loose and sliding, give it a squeeze with flat nose pliers of use crimping pliers. I personally like using the crimping pliers as it will not squish the wraps.


Slide a crystal on to your wrapping wire, hold against the spiral, then wrap around the spiral three to four times. Repeat for the next crystal. Make sure you use the same amount of wraps between each crystal.


Continue down until you have placed the last crystal on.  Wrap the end around five to six times. Push the wrapping wire around and trim the end off towards the front of the spiral away from where it would be in the ear.

Trim the wrapping wire tail from the beginning at the front of the spiral away from where the spiral will hit in the ear lobe.

If you find that your wraps are too loose and sliding, drop a bit of glue like Hypo-Cement on the beginning and end wraps.

Adjust your spirals back into shape.

Finished Earring

Finished Earrings 1

To wear, simply slip the spiral into the lobe and secure with a nylon stopper. Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

DIY jewelry

DIY: Whimsical Memory Wire Ring

Today, I am showing you how to make a adorable beaded memory wire ring using a charm made with Swarovski® Crystals from Cousin Corporation of America available exclusively from Michael’s Craft Stores.  This bumble bee charm ring is so adorable.

This ring is fun and easy to make, and it will become your favorite go to ring in no time. It is also a great memory wire beginner’s project.

When I first saw this charm, I thought this little guy was a firefly. Either way, he is still super cute.  One word of warning: if you are going to be doing a lot of clapping, I suggest taking the ring off first.  I had a bruise on my knuckle.  OUCH!
Bumble Bee Ring 1
Ring Sized Memory Wire (I used Beadalon® brand.)
11/0 Seed Beads (Yeah….tiny ones)
1 Sunshine Bumble Bee Charm (or charm of choice)Tools:
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers (I HIGHLY recommend these over round nose for this project)Instructions:
Separate three to four rounds of memory wire and cut in line with the end of the wire.  Using the smallest part of the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers, form a loop at one of the ends of the memory wire.

Bumble Bee Ring 2
Bead your wire in any pattern or solid color of your choice.  I used TOHO Galvanized Silver,  Starlight Galvanized Gold and Hematite for my Bee ring. Bead up until you have about a 1/4 of an inch of wire left and form your end loop the same as you did your beginning loop.

Bumble Bee Ring 3

Attach your charm with the clip onto either one or both of the loops.  If you want a more adjustable ring, clip the charm on only one of the loops.

Bumble Bee Ring 4

This ring is easily customized to suit your tastes. Simply pick your charm and bead combo.
Bumble Bee Ring Variations
Enjoy your new fun ring, and stay caffeinated!

A Nice Little Haul

I recently entered a giveaway on Jesse James Beads blog not too long ago.  All I had to do was to comment on their post about the Polynesian Party design challenge winners.  The prize was their new Bora Bora bead mixes.  These mixes are gorgeous and turquoise.

Well….guess what?!  I won.  Today my gorgeous beauties arrived.

I am including links so you can purchase some of these beautiful beads and findings.

How gorgeous are those little tassels in both the Mini Mix and the larger set.  The pendant is to die for!  The four top-drilled seafoam jade fan beads are the perfect accent to the turquoise colors of the bead mixes. The clasp is very unique. The soft coloring of the rhinestone chain is perfect.  I just love those little purple flower dangles that were a little happy inside my happy.

I can’t wait to begin creating with these amazing beauties.  Thank you, Jesse James Beads, for this gorgeously curated set of beads and findings.

Stay caffeinated and I’ll be back with a tutorial or two using this bead haul!