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DIY: Super Easy Arrow Necklace

Ok…this has to be the easiest DIY I have ever done.  Seriously!  Hands down!

Finished Necklace 3

Supply Shot - Necklace 2

I came across these cute little scrapbook embellishments the other day in Hobby Lobby and on clearance no less!  They were just a BUCK! There are enough pieces here for you to make six necklaces or use them as dangles on bangles. How awesome is that!?

I went with the arrow for my necklace. I also made a necklace from the triple chevron charm.


You can also adjust the measurements of this to best fit your desired look. I went for a 22 inch necklace because I do not like anything close up on my neck.

Seriously, your friends will think you bought this at a boutique, and you get to gloat on your super cute necklace.

Okay… lets grab some coffee, gather our materials and get started.

Let’s do a little math so you can determine your desired length.  My necklace is 22 inches. I used 9 1/2 inches of chain on each side. The arrow measures approximately 1 1/2 inches from loop to loop. The total length of the 6mm jump rings I used and the clasp with tab together measure a total of 1 1/2 inches. Voila! 22 inches. Knowing that the arrow is 1 1/2 inches will help you determine the amount of chain you need to make your necklace to the perfect. Say you want an 18 inch necklace instead and you do not have a clasp with a tab, just a regular clasp.  Let’s say for argument’s sake, a medium size spring ring clasp. And, you only have two 4 mm jump rings and one 6 mm. (Spring Ring clasps have a loop that opens and easily attached to chain.) Okay: 18 inches is our target length. 1 1/2 inch arrow. The clasp with a 4mm and a 6mm rump ring will probably only measure around 1/2 inch. That leaves 16 inches. Divide that in half and you have your chain length. Two sections of 8 inches each.

Supply Shot - Necklace

Spare Parts Gold Aztec Charm set
Four 4mm or 6mm Jump Rings
Clasp with tab

Chain Nose Pliers (2 pair recommended)
Flush Cutters

Measure and cut two 9 1/2 inch sections of chain (for a 22 inch necklace). Using jump rings attach each chain to the loops of the arrow. Attach the clasp. And DONE!

Finished Necklace 4

Wear and enjoy.  Told you, STOOOPID easy!

Finished Necklace 1

Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

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