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DIY: Cherokee Summer Earrings

Okay….I’m seriously an earring addict! I freely admit it!

There is one thing that I really love about myself and that is my First Nation heritage. My grandfather was half Cherokee and my grandmother was a quarter Choctaw. Occasionally, I will create something that is a nod to my heritage in color scheme and design.  These earrings echo the colors of the desert of the both the Cherokee and Choctaw reservations in Oklahoma where my grandparents traveled to on a regular basis during their younger years.

Turquoise, copper, vibrant reds, rich blacks, and soft tans combine to create beautiful color palettes for the First Nations.

Cherokee Summer 3

These earrings are quick to make and are absolutely beautiful for summer or fall. This project only requires basic jewelry making skills to create.  It should only take around 30 minutes from start to finish.

The materials should be readily available most every where.  You could probably order similar if you cannot find in your local craft and hobby stores. I purchased the seed beads from Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts. The copper coins from Walmart, and the large rings came from Michael’s. The copper spacers I have had for a good while now and do not remember where they came from.

Seed Beads

I usually do not purchase cheap seed beads due to inconsistent quality, but I was drawn to the bead mix and had to have it. I didn’t realize until I arrived home that the bead mix color name was “Cherokee”.

Tools and Materials

6/0 Seed Beads in Cherokee (Found some on Ebay and Amazon)
2 – 12mm to 15mm Antique Copper Rings
6 – 4mm Antique Copper Jump Rings
6 Antique Copper Spacer Beads
6 Antique Copper Colored Coins
8 Antique Copper Eye Pins
2 Antique Copper Ear Wires

Chain Nose/Flat Nose Pliers (I find two pair work great for jump rings.)
Round Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters

I tend to work in assembly line mode when making earrings like this. It helps me keep things in order. You may find this works for you too instead of making one entire earring and then going back and repeating all the steps over again.


Create two connectors: Slide a turquoise bead onto an eye pin and form a good sized loop, Make sure the loop you create is perpendicular to the existing loop of the pin.

Attach the smaller eye of each connector to the loop at the bottom of the ear wire and the larger loop to the large ring. Set aside.

Hooks and Hoops

Attach a copper coin to the eye of each of the remaining eye pins.


Short Dangle


Create four: Take an eye pin and thread on a turquoise, tan, red, black, copper spacer, black, red, tan, and turquoise bead, then form a loop at the end.



Long Dangle

Create two: Take an eye pin and thread on a turquoise, tan, red, black, clear, green, copper spacer, green, clear, black, red, and a turquoise bead, then form a loop.

Attach each eye pin to the large loops using 4mm jump rings.


Cherokee Summer 1

Enjoy your new earrings.  I bet these will look good in antique silver and antique gold as well.  Play around with the color palette to create your own unique look.

Until next time, stay caffeinated by peeps!

DIY jewelry

DIY Boho Turquoise Earrings

I love turquoise whether it’s the real stuff (used in this DIY) or dyed Howlite and Magnesite. Turquoise is a very versatile stone that is complimented by any metal tone. I especially love pairing turquoise with copper. There is just something about the way it looks that is just amazing. And when you mix metals together with turquoise, you get something truly special.

Turquoise Drop Earrings 7

In today’s DIY, we will be making the beautiful pair of earrings above. Below is a complete tool list and material list so you can make your very own lovely pair. Feel free to switch the stone out of a crystal and change the metal to suit your individual tastes.  I’m sure this will look amazing using a rich blue crystal and gold toned wires…..I may have to make a pair like that myself.

Tools and Materials

22 Gauge Copper Wire (any temper is fine)
2 – 10x14mm Matching Turquoise Stone Flat Tear Drops (or drop bead of choice)
4 – 6mm Silver Plated Pewter Spacer Beads
2 – 6mm Oxidized Brass Spacer Beads
2 Copper Ear Wires

Flush Cutters
Chain Nose/Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

So, go grab your coffee, supplies and tools and let’s get started.



Drops Slip on Wire
Cut two pieces of wire about 4 to 5 inches each.  Thread a briolette on to the wire and center the stone.

Press the ends of the wires together using chain nose/flat nose pliers pinch the wires together until they run parallel to each other and sit

Drop With Pinched Wire

snuggly above the stone. It’s okay if the wires aren’t exactly side by side and cross just a bit. If for some reason your notice wires are not exactly the same length, don’t sweat it.  It will work out just fine.


Washers Added



Slide on a silver spacer, a brass spacer and a silver spacer.



If you happen to have a wire that is shorter than the other, wrap around the longer wire two to three times. If not, just pick a wire. Trim the piece of wrapping wire as flush to the wraps as possible.

Wrapped Loop



Using round nose pliers create a wrapped loop. Trim access wire.  If you need help creating a wrapped loop, click here.

Open the loop at the bottom of your ear wire and attach to the wrapped loop. Close the loop. Repeat for second earring.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and will post pictures of your creations in the comments (if it will let you).  Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

Turquoise Drop Earrings 1


Simple Truth Cleaning Sample Review


Recently, my husband signed up with Kroger family of stores to receive various FREE samples and coupons in exchange for promotional posts done on Facebook, Instagram, on blogs, sharing word of mouth, etc.  We have received several items so far and are loving doing this.

This time we received a sample roll of Simple Truth paper towels, Simple Truth Fresh Mint Cleaning Wipes, and Simple Truth Pop Socket along with coupons to share.

The thickness and the texture of the paper towels were really nice. I was not expecting the towels to be as thick as they were. Not only were the paper towels thick and nicely textured, they were very durable and held up nicely through cleaning.  The Simple Truth Paper Towels are “made from 100% recycled paper, with a minimum of 60% post-consumer content” (from the Simple Truth Website). These paper towels are also hypoallergenic. That’s awesome for those with sensitivities. They also do not contain dyes or fragrances.

I love the fact that these paper towels are also available in Select-A-Size just like most major paper towel brands.

I put the cleaning wipes up against my normal Lysol® brand cleaning wipes.  The Simple Truth wipes cut through the grease way better and didn’t leave a residue.  The cleaning wipes are free from Parabens, Sulfates, Triclosan, Phosphates, and Ammonia.  They are gluten free (which is awesome for me as I am allergic to wheat products) as well as vegan and non-toxic. The Simple Truth Cleaning Wipes are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal ingredients. These wipes are also Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The fragrance of the wipes is neither overpowering nor is it artificial. These wipes contain organic peppermint leaf oil. Love that scent!

The only downside is that the Simple Truth Cleaning Wipes do not contain an antibacterial agent unless you count the Citric, Acetic and Malic acids. Citric acid does demonstrate some antimicrobial properties against anaerobic bacteria, especially against cocci, but it is less effective than 2.5% sodium hypochlorite according to laboratory testing. Acetic acid is almost ineffective in disinfecting. Malic acid is minimally effective against Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli. (You can Google the effectiveness of these acids to see for yourself.) So there is that.

The pop socket thing is interesting…. It does not stay on though. I don’t know if there is something on the back of my phone that is messing with the glue or not. Having it on my phone does help when it sticks.

All in all though, these products are great. “Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® are available at more than 2,200 grocery stores in the Kroger Co. Family of Stores” (Taken from their site.). You can click this link to see where to buy.

I hope to bring you more of these reviews of the Simple Truth Products along the way as well as more of the great products the Kroger Family of Stores has to offer.

Also, if you would like to be a part of the Kroger Sharing Network and receive FREE products and awesome coupons, click here.

DIY jewelry

DIY: Gemstone Statement Necklace

Gemstone jewelry is always beautiful. Creating with gemstones can produce unique jewelry pieces in striking combinations or elegant monochromatic pieces.

The Bohemian style of jewelry incorporates a wide variety of materials in a single piece. This necklace tutorial I have created for you uses cotton cording, beautiful Amazonite, Agate tubes, and painted metal feather charms on a chain. It will require a more intermediate skill set.  If you are willing to try this one, then grab everything you will need (including coffee) and let’s get to it.

Supplies Necklace Redo

54 pcs – 10 mm Amazonite Beads
27 pcs – 6mm Amazonite Beads
2 pcs – Painted Style Dyed Agate Tubes
1 pc – Chain with Painted Feather Charms*
2 pcs – Crimp Tubes
4 pcs – Bead Cones
2 pcs – 6mm Jump Rings
2 pcs – 4mm Jump Rings
20 gauge Craft or Jewelry Wire
Jewelry Stringing Wire (roughly 12 inches)
Cotton Cording in a gray or neutral color

*Jo-Ann has a similar feather charm chain that is not painted that would work if you cannot find this specific feather chain.

Scissors or Thread Burner
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Crimping Pliers
Wire Cutters
Optional: Knot Tool

Measure and cut two sections of cording roughly 3 feet each and set aside.

Stone Connectors

Cut two equal lengths of craft/jewelry wire (around 6 inches). Form a wrapped loop at one end. Slide a bead cone on with the broad end opposite of the loop. Slide on a gemstone tube bead then another cone with the broad end on the end of the tube. Form another wrapped loop. Trim excess wire. Repeat for second gemstone tube.


Attach a 4mm jump ring to the bottom loop of each of the gemstone tube connectors.

Crimp Piece


Choice one of the gemstone tube connectors to begin working with. Using a crimp tube attach the jewelry stringing wire to the jump ring added in the previous step. Trim the tail.



Thread on the 6mm gemstones. Using a crimp tube attach the end of the stringing wire to the 4mm jump ring of the second gemstone tube connector.  Using a 6mm jump ring, attach one end of the chain with the feather charms to one of the gemstone tube connectors. Attach the other end of the chain in the same manner to the second gemstone tube connector.

Connected to Feathers 2

Take a section of cording and fold in half. Attach to the top loop of one of the gemstone tube connectors using a “cow hitch” knot. Make a simple knot snugly next to the cow hitch knot.


Knotted Stones


String on a 10mm and tie a knot as tight as possible against the stone. Continue knotting the stones until you have knotted a total of 27 stones on the cord. Repeat for the second gemstone tube connector.


Knotted Stones 2


Gather the ends of the cording and tie an “Ashley’s Bend” knot. Glue the knot. Trim excess cording.




Wear your necklace with pride.  Until next time…stay caffeinated, my peeps!

Stones and Feathers 1

DIY jewelry

DIY: Dangly Pearl Earrings

I love long, dangly earrings, and they are on trend like almost always. They are elegant and create the look of a longer, sleeker neck. Longer thin earrings can also an elegant look to any outfit.

Earrings Finished 1

I also love unique findings and beads.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.06.04 PM

Last week, I told you about coming across some awesome beads on the Halcraft website.  I purchased two beautiful mother of pearl beads that have little, tiny pave frames. So cute!

About a month ago, I came across some unique ear threader style ear wires on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

So lets grab our tools, supplies and coffee so we can get started.

1 pr – Ear Threader findings
2 pc – Mother Of Pearl Shell Bead with Micropave Frame
2 pc – Head pins

Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

Slide a bead on a head pin and form a loop using round nose pliers. Repeat for second bead.

Close up of stone dangles

Attach the bead dangles to the bottom loop of the ear threader.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! (I strongly suggest opening the loop at the top of the bead and not the loop of the threader just to make sure it doesn’t break.)

Finished Earrings Close up of stone

Enjoy your new earrings. Until next time….stay caffeinated, my peeps.

Finished Earrings 2

DIY jewelry

DIY: Stretch Bracelet Stack

Stacking bracelets are everywhere in the Bohemian jewelry trend. They are super stylish and easy to wear. I love stacking, mixing and matching. You can mix these chunky beaded stretch bracelets with chain bracelets too for a super trendy look. They are also a way to use up extra beads.

Finished Bracelets 1

I came across some very pretty beads the other day from Halcraft Collection.  (This is the company that supplies Michael’s Craft Stores with the Bead Gallery bead strands.) I purchased directly from the site Amazonite, Mahogony Obsidian, Costa Rican Rosewood, Painted Design Dyed Agate, and some Mother of Pearl beads with Micropave Frame.  Guys, do yourself a favor and cut out the middle man (Michael’s) and purchase directly from Halcraft.  They have super awesome customer service and superior pricing.

Anyway…..back to the DIY. Go grab your tools, supplies, and a cup of coffee.

Supplies - braceletsMaterials:
Costa Rican Rosewood Oval 10x13mm
Multi-pack – Amazonite Round Stone Beads
Mahogany Obsidian Round – 6MM
Painted Design Green Dyed Agate Tube
Stretch Cord (I used Bead Smith’s Opelon Stretch Jewelry Fiber)

NOTE: Your bead quantities will vary based on bracelet size and pattern.

Tape Measure
Beadalon’s Elastic Cord Needle (Optional, but so amazing.)

Measure your wrist and add 1/2 to 1 inch to the measurement depending on how you want your bracelet to fit (6.5″ wrist should be 7″ or a 7.5″). Add an additional two to three inches to that measurement and cut that length of cording. This will ensure you have enough cord to knot.  You will be making a total of 5 bracelets so cut that many pieces of cord.

Pattern Layout


Lay out your pattern the length of your measurement plus the additional 1/2 to 1 inch. If you are using the needle, you can slide your pattern on the needle. I really recommend the needle.  It makes stringing stretch bracelets extremely easy.


If using the needle, catch the cording under the hook at the end and slide your beads onto the cording being careful not the slide them off the far end of the cord.



Tying the Knot


Once all of your beads are on your cord, tie an overhand knot and add a drop of glue over the knot.



Hiding the Knot



Pull the cord tight and slide a bead over the knot. Allow the glue to dry completely. Trim off tail.




Repeat all steps for the remaining bracelets.




Stack them babies up and wear them with pride!  Until next time….stay caffeinated my peeps!

Finished Bracelets 2


DIY jewelry

DIY: Simple Beaded Charm Bangle

Finished Bracelet 1Summer is just around the corner and this little beauty would be perfect for hanging at the beach.

It’s a very simple project to make and super easy as well.

Seed Beads

I have had these little sea life charms for some time as well as some amazingly gorgeous Czech seed beads in some beautiful sea glass tones. Any brand will work so will any color.  You may want a more sunny look to your bracelet.  Go for it!  Add some mini tassels if you want. This is your bracelet.  Own it!



I just love the little sea horse. I don’t even remember where I got him or even when, but this project suited him rather nicely.

Let’s get our supplies and coffee so we can get started.




Supplies - Bracelet

Memory Wire Bracelet Wire
Sea Life Charms
Two or more 6mm Jump Rings
A crystal drop
Seed Beads in your choice of colors
One Head Pin

Memory Wire Cutters (A MUST)
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers (Optional, but works best)
Chain Nose Pliers (I recommend two pair)

Make a bead dangle by threading the crystal drop on the headpin and forming a loop.

Cut one round of memory wire. Allow the ends to overlap if you have larger hands as this will slip over your hand. Form a loop at one end of the memory wire. (I added the seahorse charm at this point since the loop at the top of the charm was a bit odd.)

Thread the seed beads onto the memory wire all the way until you are about a 1/4 inch from the end.

Finished Bracelet 5

Form a loop at the end of the memory wire and hook it to the original loop. Attach charms and bead dangle.

Finished Bracelet 4

Enjoy your super cute bangle.  Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

Finished Bracelet 3

Coffee Life

Cold Brew Coffee Kit Review

You guys know I am always looking for awesome coffee finds. So…..

Cold Brew Box

I picked up this Victor Allen’s Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Kit on clearance at Kroger for $2.79. Not a bad deal since it makes 18 servings of coffee. One can’t beat that at any coffee shop.

The kit came with three filter bags and one reusable fridge pouch. All I needed was to add water and use a fridge.  Seems simple enough. I have no extravagant expectations about this coffee at all considering I have not had a great experience with at-home cold brew kits.

Cold Brew Contents

Cold Brew Box 2

The instructions were very easy to follow and there was no mess. I just put the coffee bag into the fridge pouch, added 42 oz of water, and placed the pouch in the fridge. 24 hours later and cold brew coffee. I don’t know if I can wait.

The problem with most home cold brew kits is the taste. Most of the ones I have tried have really been nasty and just gross. I have tried a few different kits as well as the ready made bottled ones. I just can’t stand the taste of them. The only cold brew coffee I have ever really liked came fresh from Cascade Beverage Company.

Coffee Bag Full  Into the fridge it goes.

Okay…I admit.  I didn’t wait the full 24 hours more like 18 or so.

About to try it

This kit was very surprising. It has a rich, bold and smoky flavor which I loved. I can’t wait to mix this in with some cream and try it that way as well. I was pleasantly surprised that the coffee didn’t have a dirt taste.


I sampled it with a bit of pure liquid stevia, and WOW! I will be waiting the rest of the time to see if the flavor develops more as it sits.

I am so glad I purchased this.

DIY jewelry

DIY: Super Easy Arrow Necklace

Ok…this has to be the easiest DIY I have ever done.  Seriously!  Hands down!

Finished Necklace 3

Supply Shot - Necklace 2

I came across these cute little scrapbook embellishments the other day in Hobby Lobby and on clearance no less!  They were just a BUCK! There are enough pieces here for you to make six necklaces or use them as dangles on bangles. How awesome is that!?

I went with the arrow for my necklace. I also made a necklace from the triple chevron charm.


You can also adjust the measurements of this to best fit your desired look. I went for a 22 inch necklace because I do not like anything close up on my neck.

Seriously, your friends will think you bought this at a boutique, and you get to gloat on your super cute necklace.

Okay… lets grab some coffee, gather our materials and get started.

Let’s do a little math so you can determine your desired length.  My necklace is 22 inches. I used 9 1/2 inches of chain on each side. The arrow measures approximately 1 1/2 inches from loop to loop. The total length of the 6mm jump rings I used and the clasp with tab together measure a total of 1 1/2 inches. Voila! 22 inches. Knowing that the arrow is 1 1/2 inches will help you determine the amount of chain you need to make your necklace to the perfect. Say you want an 18 inch necklace instead and you do not have a clasp with a tab, just a regular clasp.  Let’s say for argument’s sake, a medium size spring ring clasp. And, you only have two 4 mm jump rings and one 6 mm. (Spring Ring clasps have a loop that opens and easily attached to chain.) Okay: 18 inches is our target length. 1 1/2 inch arrow. The clasp with a 4mm and a 6mm rump ring will probably only measure around 1/2 inch. That leaves 16 inches. Divide that in half and you have your chain length. Two sections of 8 inches each.

Supply Shot - Necklace

Spare Parts Gold Aztec Charm set
Four 4mm or 6mm Jump Rings
Clasp with tab

Chain Nose Pliers (2 pair recommended)
Flush Cutters

Measure and cut two 9 1/2 inch sections of chain (for a 22 inch necklace). Using jump rings attach each chain to the loops of the arrow. Attach the clasp. And DONE!

Finished Necklace 4

Wear and enjoy.  Told you, STOOOPID easy!

Finished Necklace 1

Until next time, stay caffeinated my peeps!

DIY jewelry

DIY: Double Chain Drop Stud Earrings

I have been seeing all of these gorgeous chain drop earrings EVERYWHERE!  So I just had to do a DIY for you.

Black Drops 4

I recent saw one designer/blogger has made her a pair that only dropped from the back off the butterfly clutch of her beautiful diamond stud earrings.  These earrings have two dangles – one in front and the other off the back clutch of the stud giving you twice the sparkle and twice the swing. These also are super quick to make….so grab some coffee and your supplies and meet me back here.



2 – 8mm beads of choice
2 – 6mm beads of choice
4 headpins
2 – 4mm jump rings (not pictured)
1 pair stud earrings with backs
Thin chain

Wire Cutters
Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Make four bead dangles by threading beads onto the head pins and forming a loop at the end.

Cut four pieces of chain in the following lengths: 1 inch (2.54 cm) and 3 inches (7.62 cm).

Attach the short chain to the loop of the stud. If the opening is too large for your chain, just use an additional 4mm jump ring per earring. Attach the longer chain to the butterfly clutch using a 4mm jump ring.

Chains on Studs

Attach a large bead dangle to the end of the small chain and a smaller bead to the end of the longer chain. Repeat for second earring.

Black Drops 3

The beads I used were Jewelry Basics by Cousin Corporation of America #34716100 and should be available at either Jo-Ann’s or A.C. Moore.  I have seen similar beads by Halcraft available at Michael’s.